Karen Koehler

Yes, I'm a lawyer. But I'm also a human being. I have a doggie named Nala, three daughters, eat brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts for breakfast, and wear jeans as often as possible when not in court.

If you are reading this website it is either because: a) you are a client or fellow plaintiff attorney and want to get to know me better; b) you are a defense lawyer looking for any inside info you can possibly obtain to use against me (and my clients); or c) you are a random visitor.

Welcome to all of you.


Voir Dire

I encourage you to read one of my latest publications. If you would like a hard copy of this booklet, feel free to email me.

Voir Dire by Karen Koehler published December 2010

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Female trial attorneys face unique challenges and have certain needs that are not currently being sufficiently addressed through available CLE programs. The purpose of FTAP is to focus with particularity upon these issues by using female trial model instructors to teach female attorneys. By the conclusion of the course, the students will have learned and developed skills that will give them more confidence and personal power in their ability to try a case.

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